So Many Colors!


Not all granite is equal. More specifically, not all granite is priced equally. It’s true – the cost of granite varies so much it can mean thousands of dollars difference in your total slab cost for a given project! But before you click out of this article and run away from your computer for fear of the cost of granite in your home, bear with us. We have some explaining to do.

You control, to a certain extent, how cheap or expensive you want your granite project to be. The key is in choosing a granite color that fits your budget. There are literally thousands of colors of granite from which to choose, but that doesn’t mean they are all possibilities for you. To get a feel for what’s out there, you can search online for pictures of granite slabs. You will quickly see that color choice (red, pink, blue, brown, black, white, etc.) is not the only thing to consider. Some granite is marked by swooshing waves that pass from one side to the other, while other granites are speckled in design, uniformly throughout the entire slab. Still others are solid colors, while others are almost indescribable – circles and lines and waves all colliding on a single piece of granite.

Naturally, it can be a bit overwhelming to look at granite colors. If that is the case for you, and you just are not sure what you want for your house, call us today! We are more than happy to help you through the process of choosing a slab color.

Make the choice to get the best deal and service on granite fabrication and installation you'll find anywhere in the Fort Wayne area by choosing Prestige Tile and Stone, and let us help you find the perfect slab for your house, with the perfect budget for your wallet.

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