Marble in Your Home

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Most people are fairly familiar with the look of marble. It is pretty easy to recognize, because of its unique beauty and design. And it has been used in construction since at least the 17th century (think: Taj Mahal), so it has proven itself time and time again. So why aren’t more people using marble for their countertops?

Maybe because marble has always implied high elegance and taste, the impression is that it costs more than other natural stone. However, that is not the case at all. The prices of marble slabs are, in general, the same as granite – they vary from low to high, depending on color. (See our article entitled, “So Many Colors!” for more information on how cost varies from stone to stone).

Whatever the reason is that marble is less popular than granite in homes, marble should not be ruled out as an option for construction in your home. Marble, as opposed to granite, is more porous and therefore not quite as solid as granite. This does not mean it shouldn’t be used for countertops, though; it just requires a little more care. What this means for marble is that it needs to be sealed more often than granite does; other than that, the two different natural stones are both perfect options for new stone countertops – they are beautiful, diverse in colors, and durable. Because marble is more porous than granite, it is not recommended for use in kitchens, but marble is the perfect addition to your bathroom -- liven up your vanity with a beautiful marble top!

he two most important tricks to taking care of marble countertops are sealing them regularly and always wiping up spills on your marble immediately. In doing so, your marble will be protected from daily wear and will be likely to last just as long as granite countertops would.

Just because marble is installed in homes less often than granite is does not mean it’s not a good option. Choose marble for your next remodeling project. It’s classic, it’s elegant, and it’s timeless.
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